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@maggiek8383 TY Maggie for joining the site… Any ideas you have let me know..

I Believe in the power of prayer! I believe the energy it creates is powerful and GOD is in full control of all things may we all find peace when GODS plan didn’t align with ours our strength will be built upon our uncertain moments together as a virtual Church we can lift each other provide warm hearts and ears. May we be grateful everyday God b…Read more

@lucinda ahhhh love it 💕 gonna work on adding reactions just the star is boring lol the help chat I will be changing it’s cute but this it working.

Hello everyone. Have a blessed day.

I been working on this site with desktop in mind I am working to have multiple formats for different devices.



@jaj1424msn-com jen!! Yay you made it explore around.. 🙂 still working on it and done for now off to take Alex to his car 🚗

@lucinda Thank you I am so excited to have you as my very first member!!! 🙂
The site is coming along please help me out simply by using the site browsing around exploring as new features become available. 🙂

I am so excited to get this launched.
🙂 Thank you for joining please share any ideas you have for this site. I will consider and implement as I am able.